BurlettaRed CloakGreen RoomMetamorphosisKimonoThe Stolen ChandelierLucky StrikeSpotlightAn Unknown Woman
“Powerful, dramatic works of unflinching emotional intensity”: first thoughts on seeing Roxana Halls’ new paintings opening at Beaux Arts Bath. Despite an obvious debt to the old masters - whence she presumably learned her enjoyment of paint and sumptuous use of colour, (Dutch 17th century crossed with Caravaggesque chiaroscuro) – her works are modern and uncompromising. The highly personal subject matter, for instance...the way that relationships and situations are held up for scrutiny; a directness and honesty which is often stark and challenging.
Her paintings are awash with clues and references; again, perhaps, a throwback to the code needed to appreciate the masterpieces of an earlier age. “Lucky Strike” tells a fascinating story, the setting drawn from Roxana’s own splendid Art Deco theatre/studio (luxurious/hard-edged) which was (glamorous/poised, gas-masked model) bombed. Even her still lives...carry a disquieting narrative, and hint at great crisis followed by new beginnings and high hopes.
Roxana was, in 2000, the youngest artist to have been given a solo exhibition at Beaux Arts and it is astonishing that her passionate, stunning works have not yet received full recognition."
Moira Rudolf, Galleries Magazine