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Pulse Points
Pulse Points
Oil on Linen
100 x 130 cm

exhibited in:

M&C Saatchi, London 2022

TW Fine Art, Miami, Florida USA 2023

Commissioned by the globally renowned fashion house Carolina Herrera for International Women's Day in 2022. An NFT of this work was sold for $2,000 in aid of Fundació Ared, a charity which supports women at high risk of exclusion by promoting their autonomy through education and training. The NFT was minted on Polygon, an eco-friendly Ethereum-compatible network.

“In Pulse Points we see two women as they advance together, laughing in unison through a night city. They are dressed head to toe in Carolina Herrera. Caught in a momentary glance of collusion, one's head & the other's wrist are tilted in a subtle suggestion: a proffering of their pulse points to one another other as if in expectation of perfume.
Fragrance is to be applied upon the heartbeat; theirs beat a rhythm in concert, amplified by the thrum of traffic on the rain dampened road. They are intoxicated by the freedom afforded them by the night, bathed as they are in the neon glow of street lights and the unseen, and unheeded, signs.”